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The Little Heroine ★ Part 1 – The Magic World and the City of Dragon Riders - Alternative Cover
A or B? We are testing an alternative cover...

We are currently testing an alternative cover on the e-book, which shows Leyya together with her fire dragon Fi-Lung.

OCTOBER 4, 2023
Die Wasserdrachen
The journey continues! Part 2 is in the works...

The adventure continues! We are already working on the second part of the story. The heroes set out from the city of the dragon riders and go in search of the magical artefacts of power over the elements. The first stop is the island of the Waterfall Mountain, where according to the map the artefact of the water element can be found.

OCTOBER 4, 2023
Die Kleine Heldin
Part 1 of the Little Heroine is now available at Amazon!

In this story, Jonas, Ella, Leyya and Benny experience a journey full of secrets, friendship and unexpected twists. There are dragons and mysterious elements that keep the magical world in balance, but also an evil force that threatens this perfect world. This book takes you into Leyya's fantasy land, where children become heroes and fight for the good.

OCTOBER 1, 2023
Bring the Magic World to your Home!
Dragons, magic and the mysterious power of the elements are awaiting in this exciting adventure with its incomparable childlike charm.
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