The journey continues! Part 2 is in the works...

OCTOBER 1, 2023
Die Wasserdrachen

Part 2: The search for the artifacts of power

The adventure continues! We are already working on the second part of the story. The heroes set out from the city of the dragon riders and go in search of the magical artifacts of power over the elements. The first stop is the island of Waterfall Mountain, where, according to the map, the artifact of the water element can be found.

Here is a small part of the story in advance:

The heroes flew through the sky on their majestic dragons, and the morning sun bathed the world in a golden light. Ella, full of anticipation, called out, "Look, according to the map, we have to fly to a mountain!" Leyya could hardly contain her curiosity and asked, "And what is the name of this mountain?"

Ella laughed and replied, "I was just about to explain that! We have to fly in an easterly direction, towards the rising sun. There we will find the island of Waterfall Mountain. The name gives away what awaits us - a mountain with a huge waterfall that shoots out of the top like a geyser."

It wasn't long before they caught sight of the blue outline of Waterfall Mountain on the horizon. A huge jet of water shot into the air from its peak, which then fell back down in a veil of rain and flowed down the slopes of the mountain.

Leyya could not hide her concern and said, "But Ella, how are Benny and I going to get through this? We can't breathe underwater like you and Jonas with your kites."

Jonas, always ready to use his skills, explained, "Don't worry, I can create a huge bubble of air to surround us. Ella can keep the water out while we all walk through it together." The heroes landed softly at the foot of the waterfall mountain.

Benny pointed to a thick curtain of leaves and said, "I sense that there is a cave entrance hidden behind this curtain. It leads us to the inside of the mountain, to the grotto." Curiosity drove the group forward and they entered the cave through the curtain of waterfall.

To find her way in the darkness, Leyya lit her fiery light, which cast warm glimmers into the surroundings. Confused, she asked, "Which way should we go?"

Ella sensed an inner guidance and replied, "I can feel the direction. It's like the artefact is guiding me! Follow me, that way." With determination, she led the group through the branching cave system. Although they passed several forks along the way, Ella always seemed to know the right way, and Leyya's fire lit the path.

Finally, they reached a spacious grotto. "From here we have to dive," Ella explained. Together with her dragon Wing, Jonas created a powerful bubble in the water of the grotto lake. The group climbed into the bubble, which was held underwater by Ella and her dragon Lulu, and together they moved through the clear water.

The journey took them through a breathtaking underwater landscape. Glittering stones and mysterious plants lined their path. As they glided through the water, the glowing light of Leyya's flame power became visible in the darkest depths of the grotto.

To be continued...

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