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The Team

The Creators of the Little Heroine


Leyya Ahlenstorf


Leyya ist die junge Dichterin der Handlung dieses Buches. Mit 9 Jahren erzählt sie Geschichten, die Herzen berühren und Träume erwecken. Doch nicht nur ihre Worte sind magisch – Leyya ist stark und tapfer wie eine Löwin! Als Beschützerin ihrer kleinen Schwester Ella und Stütze für ihren Vater Boris trotzt sie den Stürmen des Lebens. Taucht ein in die Welt der kleinen Erzählerin, wo Abenteuer auf Dich warten und die Kraft der Liebe alles möglich macht.
„Hello dear ones, I am the girl who invented the story in this book. I am nine years old and I love to tell stories! I also love adventures and magical creatures, so I wanted my story to be about dragons and magic. It was so much fun to make up how we kids would be heroes and fight evil together and become friends. I hope my story will enchant you and show you the power of imagination.“

Tobias Kredel

Artistic Realization

Toby, a creative mind, is a graphic designer and content creator with a special passion for books. He likes to lose himself in the pages of wonderfully designed works, but his heart beats strongest when he brings books to life himself. More of his creations can be found on Amazon. For a long time, Toby had been dreaming of creating a children‘s book, but the childlike innocence of thinking seemed to slip away from him over time. Still, his playful core flashes now and then, and this project allowed him to see the world through childlike eyes once again.
„This book is very special to me because here I was allowed to bring to life the vivid imagination of a young girl. I was immediately captivated by the adventures she dreamed up in this story. Her ability to create magical worlds and vivid characters is remarkable. As I translated her ideas into pictures, I often felt transported back to a time when anything seemed possible. I hope this book does not only capture your imagination, but also the joy and magic we experienced in this beautiful collaboration.“

Boris Ahlenstorf

Magic World Agent

Boris is the father of Leyya and Ella – and thus naturally an agent of the magic world himself! He takes care of everything else so that Toby and his daughter can give free rein to their creativity.
"This book shows that together we are invincible, if we use our strengths for the right goal. Let yourself be seduced by Leyya‘s enchanting tales and the warmth she carries into every soul. A book that captures the imagination and reveals that true power often lies dormant in the quietest moments. Step into Leyya‘s fairy-tale realm – a tale that touches deeply and reminds us that a spark of magic glitters within us all."
Bring the Magic World to your Home!
Dragons, magic and the mysterious power of the elements are awaiting in this exciting adventure with its incomparable childlike charm.
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