Soon, the English version of Part 1 will be published on!

The Little Heroine ★ Part 1 – The Magic World and the City of Dragon Riders

The Little Heroine – A Magical Journey to the Source of Inner Power

Part 1 – The Magic World and the City of Dragon Riders

Soon, the English version of our eBook will be launched on!

This is a little pre-read for everyone who is interested:

1st Chapter –  The Secret of the Sparkly Wardrobe

It was an ordinary day in the life of little Leyya. The sun shone brightly from the blue sky as she played with her parents in their cozy apartment. But this day was to prove anything but ordinary.

Suddenly, when Leyya was not expecting it, her parents presented her with a wonderful gift: a sparkly wardrobe! The doors of the wardrobe were decorated with sparkling ornaments and a large mirror. Leyya could hardly believe her eyes when she looked into the shiny reflection.

Curious and full of anticipation, she examined the cabinet. But what happened next would change her life forever. As she touched the mirror, the reflection suddenly began to swirl and a whirling suction pulled Leyya into another world.

With a soft plop, she landed in an enchanting courtyard. Before her rose an ancient temple, its walls decorated with elaborate ornaments representing the elements of fire, air, water, and earth. Leyya rubbed her eyes in wonder and could hardly believe what had just happened.

But before she could fully orient herself, another girl stepped out of nowhere. She was slightly shorter than Leyya and dressed entirely in blue. But amazingly, she looked quite similar to Leyya!

The girl beamed with joy and hugged Leyya affectionately. „Sis!“ she exclaimed happily. Leyya was completely taken aback, because she knew she didn‘t have a sister. But then her eyes fell on her clothes, which were all bright red.

Curious, Leyya asked, „Who are you?“ The other girl answered brightly, „I am Ella, your sister in this world. My element is water.“ Puzzled, Leyya looked at herself and realized that she obviously belonged to the element of fire.

But before she could comprehend all of this, her attention was drawn to something very extraordinary. Suddenly, a long, blue dragon materialized in front of Leyya, seemingly meandering in mid-air. Its eyes were like sparkling gems and captivated Leyya‘s gaze.

The girl named Ella proudly explained, „This is my dragon Lulu. He also belongs to the element of water.“ Leyya was fascinated by the majestic creature that seemed to be weightlessly floating in the air.

But then she felt a hand on her shoulder and was snapped out of her trance. A slightly older boy stood before her, dressed all in green and brown, reminding her strangely of her father. He laughed heartily and introduced himself as Benny. „I belong to the Earth Element,“ he explained, patting his belly with laughter.

Benny told Leyya that she had landed in a magical world where the elements played an important role. Ella belonged to the element of water, he himself belonged to the element of earth, and Leyya was part of the element of fire.

To be continued...

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